Dental Professionals

All dental professionals have an ethical responsibility to prevent dental disease rather than just manage its consequences.

The Brush DJ app is not a panacea, but is a useful motivational tool for dental professionals to recommend to their patients.

Brush DJ was built around the information given in the Public Health England Delivering Better Oral Health Toolkit 

Research findings

A preliminary investigation to assess user perception of the Brush DJ app has been published in the British Dental Journal  ‘The use of a mobile app to motivate evidence-based oral hygiene behaviour’ British Dental Journal 219, E2 (2015)
Published online: 28 August 2015 | doi:10.1038/sj.bdj.2015.660.

The study concluded ‘A mobile app is a promising tool to motivate an evidence-based oral hygiene routine.’

A survey by the British Dental Health Foundation reported:

Nearly 59% of women and 35% of men regularly skip brushing their teeth before bed.

The most recent Adult Dental Health Survey reported:

Only 26% of respondents used an electric toothbrush.

Only 21% use dental floss, with the use of dental floss falling between 1998 and 2009 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

A study investigating ‘the effect of brushing time and dentifrices on dental plaque removal in vivo’ reported:

Routine toothbrushing is perhaps the single most important step an individual can take to reduce plaque accumulation and the consequent risk of plaque-associated diseases, such as periodontitis and caries.

Brushing time is the most easily controlled parameter of effective everyday brushing.

The average time spent brushing is considerably shorter than 2 minutes, and a value of about 45 seconds would seem a useful estimate.

Can I add a link to Brush DJ on my website?

We are more than happy for links to the Brush DJ website to be made 🙂

Please email your patients a link to the Brush DJ website or the YouTube video